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AB Dick/PressTek DI 4-Color Press

AB Dick/PressTek DI 4-Color Press

The demand for high quality fast turnaround color printing is growing!

As a result of the transition to desktop publishing systems and digital imaging, as well as the constantly changing business market, the demand for high-quality color printing is
growing. At the same time, run lengths and production cycle times are shrinking.

• We live in an on-demand world of overnight deliveries, digital transmission, and instant global communication. Printers must keep pace with customers—the advertisers, print buyers and
graphic designers—who work in this fast-paced digital world.

• Advertising budgets are focused on target markets and measurable results—increasing the demand for versioned, relevant communications to those target markets, further reducing run lengths for individual jobs.

• It no longer makes sense to print marketing materials in large volumes for economy of scale. Shorter, more targeted runs are printed, and they are revised and reprinted as market conditions change and evolve without the need to incur huge costs of obsolescence.

• Products and services are rapidly changing, and businesses are demanding cost-effective, fast, quality color printing to keep their messaging up to date.

The ideal press for high quality, on-demand four color printing.

The Presstek 34DI is ideally suited for the vast majority of projects printed in commercial print shops, including data sheets, newsletters, brochures, direct mail pieces, posters, point-of purchase displays, menus, manuals, real estate
promotions, stationery, business cards, greeting cards, and more. The Presstek 34DI streamlines the four-color offset printing of digital files—it is the right press for today’s demanding market and the fastest path to profitability for your business.

The Presstek 34DI produces high quality printing—fast, efficiently and profitably.

The Presstek 34DI is a highly automated sheetfed four-color digital offset printing press that combines the efficiency of an all-digital workflow with the versatility and quality of conventional four-color offset. The Presstek 34DI is engineered to deliver the lowest cost per page for print runs of 250 to 10,000 while maintaining its cost advantage in much longer run lengths. The Presstek 34DI is a breakthrough product for
commercial printers who must constantly work to reduce makeready times, increase job throughput and improve productivity to remain successful in an increasingly competitive and demanding marketplace.

The innovative 34DI eliminates the expense of a separate plate production process and all of the extra steps associated with off-press imaging. Instead, prepared digital files are sent via a highspeed network directly to the press where plates
are automatically advanced and mounted on the press cylinders and imaged simultaneously—in precise register.

The Presstek 34DI delivers true four-color process printing—with the quality, features and choices of stock you and your customers require. With the 34DI, you can economically produce full color printing with a maximum sheet size of 13.39” x
18.11” (340 mm x 460 mm). And best of all, with no film, off-press imaging equipment or intermediate processing steps, you save time, labor, shop space, and money with absolutely no
compromise in quality.