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AB Dick DPM34 SC

AB Dick DPM34 SC

Streamline Your Workflow with Digital Platemaking

The Digital PlateMaster 34 SC is an easy-to-use, high-resolution platesetter designed for use with small-format portrait presses. This affordable direct-to-plate solution features a fully integrated Harlequin®-based RIP and internal polyester plate processor.

The DPM34 SC streamlines your workflow by seamlessly blending the precision and efficiency of digital platemaking with the functionality of conventional printing. Producing press-ready plates from your desktop computer eliminates many steps from the pre-press process. Less operator involvement and fewer materials are required which means greater accuracy, reduced costs and faster turnaround.

With screen rulings up to 175 lpi, the DPM34 SC is ideally suited for a wide range of applications – from simple spot color jobs to more intricate process color work. An image area of 12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 489 mm) lets you print two-up, full-bleed.

Innovation Provides a Better Value

With ThinDrum™ technology, there’s less drum surface area to come into contact with the plate. A support “rib” forms the plate into the optimal cylindrical shape for imaging; and because it’s the reverse side of the plate that’s supported, the possibility of the plate’s surface being scratched is eliminated.

This innovative design gives you superior image definition and repeatability while maintaining high output speeds. Yet it also allows the DPM34 SC/HSC to be one of the most affordable CTP units available.

Speed Up Production and Deliver High Quality Output

Digital platemaking with a DPM makes it possible to handle more jobs with increased efficiency and precision. There are no intermediate stages as when using film, so you get high quality press-ready materials without the hassle and expense of masking materials and conventional stripping. As a result, less time will be spent checking for job consistency and registration.

When imaging directly to the plate, it is reasonable to expect that a high image quality will be delivered. The plate will also be cleaner. These benefits allow for faster makeready and better quality prints. You – and your customers – will value the exceptional printed materials and quick turnaround that can be delivered.

The Proper tools increase Productivity

Jobs sent to the DPM are displayed in the Momentum RIP queue. There, they can be re-prioritized and stored, if desired, for later re-imaging – saving a trip back to the desktop for reprints.

To ensure perfectly imaged and positioned plates, the Momentum RIP includes a unique software feature for plate size and gripper margin setups. Output can be fine tuned to suit the individual characteristics of each press in the shop – dot gain and screening, for example.

Presstek offers a number of optional workflow solutions. Choose the right tools for your production requirements – and budget. Productivity enhancing in-RIP options include color proofing software and a fully automatic trapping solution. The optional ScanMaster™ system allows the merging of hard copy originals into an all-digital workflow.

Polyester Plates Have Come of Age

With the advent of digital platesetters, polyester plates have become widely accepted throughout the industry for all types of work, including high quality process-color printing.

Plates are conveniently processed on-line in the DPM’s completely integrated processor. The processor’s shallow path virtually eliminates material jams and scratching.

ABDick brand polyester digital plates have a high resolution emulsion capable of producing high contrast, sharp images; and they can be run on virtually all offset presses. By exhibiting excellent water receptivity, they are compatible with a wide variety of dampening systems and inks including oil, rubber and soy base, as well as acrylic, magnetic and web press inks.

DPM users have a choice of two premium plate and chemistry systems: MEGAPRO or MEGAPrint. Each includes its own plates, activator, stabilizer and fountain solutions which are designed to be used together as a system to produce optimum results.

Polyester plate material is available in two grades. Both MEGAPRO and MEGAPrint 5 mil and 8 mil plates provide run lengths up to 20,000 impressions. Also available is a lower cost 7 mil paper-based material (MEGAPRO only) for runs up to 10,000. This choice lets users select the most suitable material for individual presses and print applications.